9. Thanks Mulan


Last time in Willow Creek: we said hello to the newest member of the ‘hood, Hamish Johnson, and the kids all tried out the new park-in-training.

Good times ensued!

02-22-17_3-07-42 PM.png

It’s a beautiful morning in Jiggy Court!  Last chapter I did the half Smith half Johnson thing, this one we’re going full Smith with a Johnson chaser to follow shortly.

02-17-17_2-44-31 PM.png

In other news, Will and Mulan Got Jiggy 3 times at 5% risky woohoo and won the big teddy-bear!

It’s Will’s last chance to have a nooboo that looks more like him; 3 is my limit (future me editing this past comment is crying a little inside).

02-22-17_3-33-09 PM.png

Zhou is still cuter than LIFE; need to get my fill of his toddlerness as his birthday is in 2 days! 😮

I still haven’t aged him up in CAS to have a peek; I’m very proud of myself.

02-22-17_3-38-45 PM.png

I’ve loved seeing other people’s sims playing with their toddlers, so I let mommy take a break from pwning her life skills to play dolls with him. ❤

02-22-17_3-35-23 PM.png

Despite my neglect, Li achieves her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration…

02-22-17_3-44-52 PM.png

…we celebrate by starting a club for all the Gen. 2 spousal sims…Vihaan shows up to the first meeting even though he (she?) wasn’t invited.

02-22-17_4-31-16 PM.png

Kyle tried to score some brownie points by seeing to our freshly soiled toity; he then did the dishes when he was finished with the toilet.

It’s worth noting that ‘clean’ is not on the club activities list.


So far Vihaan Vincent is in the lead with Li’s social panel.

02-22-17_4-37-49 PM.png

Bosh, who was also not invited, teened up and popped over so we could check him out; hey not bad Mr. Sims!

02-22-17_4-08-50 PM.png

Will, looking particularly Will Smith-ish in this photo, has his adult birthday (which I nearly forgot).  Oopsie!

02-22-17_4-13-14 PM.png

Mulan is rocking her signature “most adorable pregnant sim ever” thing.

02-22-17_4-24-41 PM.png

I’m experimenting to see if having Li pat her belly will result in less anger over this birth; we shall see very shortly…

02-24-17_8-03-55 PM.png

…because it’s nooboo time!

02-24-17_8-05-31 PM.png

Yay.  Twins. 😡

*sigh* Welcome to the challenge, Su and Shang Smith…I had to dig into Mulan II for another girl’s name (one of the emperor’s daughters), but Li Shang is Mulan’s movie honeybun 😉

It’s totally not weird naming her son after her A/U boyfriend.  Totally not.

02-22-17_3-59-49 PM.png

Meanwhile, at the Johnson house, inquisitive little Hamish is now on the move…


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